Best Mobile Phones Under 2,000 in India 2022

The new year has arrived and in the changing times, features phones are equally important today, even today many people prefer to have a keypad, phone with the smartphone, these phones were used a lot earlier but now smartphones have replaced it. But these phones are bought a lot even today and many people still use these great phones, the battery backup in these phones is very good, so this is the only option left after your smartphone is discharged.


Many people use such a phone as an extra phone in today’s era, apart from this, the elderly, women or girls also like to keep this phone for the purpose Manufactures a variety of features phone, in which double sim and long battery backup are seen, many people also give this phone as a gift because it can be a great gift if you are also looking for the best features phone. If you read this article, we will tell you about the best features phone in India 2022.

Best Latest Mobile Phones Under 2,000 Low Price in India 2022


If you want to buy a great features phone or keypad, phone under the budget of 2000 then you can check this list and from here you can choose the phone of your choice, here we have brought for you the latest features phones of 2022 Which you can buy within 2000 rupees, here we are giving you the list of top 10 mobile phones with complete information which you can read.


Samsung Guru Music 2


This phone, which is very much liked by the Indian people, is a popular feature phone, which is used a lot even in the era of smartphones, this phone has a long battery backup, strength, and Samsung’s trust. Apart from this, an 800 mAh battery is available in this phone, which provides better backup, in this phone, you can insert a memory card and play mp3 songs.


Samsung Guru Plus B110E


This is another great feature phone of Samsung, if you want to buy a mobile with a keypad under 2000, then you can buy this phone, under this phone you get to see a display of 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) and the phone has 800 inches. mAh battery is provided which provides better performance. Apart from this, Micro-USB port has been given in the phone, through which you can listen to music by inserting a memory card. You also get the option of FM radio in this phone.


Moto A70


You can buy this great Motorola phone in the budget of two thousand rupees, if you want to see some other functions in a feature phone, then you can go with this phone, in this mobile you get a 2.4 inch screen, 0.3 MP in the phone Primary Camera is given, LED flash is also provided with the camera, apart from this 4 MB of RAM has been given in this phone, apart from this you can increase the phone’s storage up to 32 GB with the help of memory card. In this phone, you get a 1750mAh battery which gives very good performance.


Nokia 150 Dual SIM


Nokia company had made a special place in the Indian market with its feature phone, after which even today people like Nokia’s phone very much, if you want to buy a feature phone, then you can choose your popular brand Nokia, this phone dual Comes with SIM, the phone has a 2.4-inch screen, a 0.3 MP camera is also provided in its rear, as well as this phone has a 1020 mAh battery which provides great backup.


Moto A50


This set of Motorola is also impressing the users a lot. This phone, which is available within Rs. 2000, comes with 4 MB of RAM, which you can increase with the help of a memory card. The phone has a 1.8-inch display, this phone is 1750. Comes with a mAh battery that provides a great backup.


Lava A9 2020


If you want to buy a beautiful-looking phone for under 2000 rupees, then you can buy this phone from Lava. In this phone, you are given a display of 2.8 inches (7.11 cm) and a 1.3 MP rear camera has been given in this phone. There is a 1700 mAh battery in this phone, which provides a long backup, apart from this, an LED flash has been given to the phone, and you can increase the


Lava KKT Jumbo 2


This phone of Lava company is a phone with a big battery, according to its name. The special thing of this phone is that this feature phone has a battery of 4000 mAh, apart from this, the phone has a display of 2.8 inches (7.11 cm). 0.3 MP Primary Camera has been given in this great phone so that you can click photos in your mobile too.


Itel it2173


If you want to buy a cheap and good feature phone on a low budget, then you can buy this phone, you will get this phone for less than one thousand rupees, this phone has a display of 1.8 inches (4.57 cm). Apart from this, a 0.3 MP Primary Camera has been given to the phone, this phone comes with a 1000 mAh battery.


Lava A3 Power


the flashlight, apart from this, 2575 mAh battery has been given in this phone, which is better performance. You can buy this phone from an online or offline market.


Micromax X756


Micromax has launched various types of mobiles in the Indian mobile market. In which its feature phone is still getting the love of users, if you want to buy a feature phone in a low budget, then you can buy this phone, this phone gives 2.4-inch display, apart from this phone has a 3000 mAh battery. Which is very good according to this phone, 0.3 MP camera has also been given in the phone, this phone comes with double sim.

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