The Life and Times of Sidhu Moose Wala: A Controversial Rapper

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The Life and Times of Sidhu Moose Wala: A Controversial Rapper

Sidhu Moose Wala was born in 1975 and grew up in New Delhi, India. He lived with his parents and spent much of his time listening

to music and writing rap lyrics as a hobby. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Delhi before moving to the United States where he has been living since 2004,

currently residing in New York City, New York, though he occasionally travels between India and North America to promote his music and perform at concerts around the world.

Sidhu Moose Wala Biography

Sidhu Moose Wala is a Canadian rapper from Edmonton, Alberta. Starting his rap career in 2008, he has released a number of singles, EPs, and albums over the years. He’s gained notoriety for his provocative lyrics and punchlines as well as his outspoken opinions on various social issues. Most recently,

he’s been vocal about the legalization of marijuana in Canada. When asked what he thought of Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s decision to ease restrictions on cannabis consumption, Sidhu stated I think it’s great that we’re finally catching up with what everyone else has already done. However, when it comes to weed becoming legal in Canada, he remains skeptical.

I’m not sure if this will happen in my lifetime, he said. It could take another hundred years or so. It may be a while before Sidhu Moose Wala sees weed become legalized at the federal level but that doesn’t stop him from continuing to speak out about its prohibition.

When asked why he thinks people still oppose legalization, he said I believe they don’t want you to do something they can’t do. He cites

an old adage: a lot of people want you to do all the things they cannot do. They want you to stay indoors instead of going outside. They want you to wear a suit and tie every day instead of going casual with a t-shirt and jeans.

They want you to have money in your pocket instead of living paycheck to paycheck like them. And most importantly, they need you to live their lives rather than live yours because your life is better than theirs.

Sidhu Moose Wala Family Bagrund

Moose Wala is the only child of parents, Jagdeep Singh Sidhu and Gurjit Kaur. His father, Jagdeep Singh, was a farmer while his mother, Gurjit Kaur, was a housewife. He has two sisters that are elder than him.

The family moved from Bagrund village in the Ludhiana district to the city of Ludhiana when Moose Wala was about 8 years old.

They settled in a small hamlet on the outskirts of town with their paternal grandparents. In Ludhiana, they were an anomaly.

Moose Wala says he would get beaten up for speaking Punjabi at school; kids thought he was strange because he dressed differently and ate different food. In retaliation, he became more rebellious than ever before – taking drugs, skipping school, and getting into fights with

classmates on a regular basis. After dropping out of college due to depression at age 20, Moose Wala found work as a bike mechanic but never lost interest in rap music. As soon as he could afford it, he bought himself a second-hand recording studio set-up from India.

By then, he had already begun rapping under the name Sidhu Moose Wala. When creating his stage name, Sidhu took inspiration from Warren G’s song Regulate, which references ‘Sid’ – a nickname for weed (among other things). Moose refers to Punjab, where Sidhu is originally from, and also gives away some of his Indian roots.

Sidhu Moose Wala Biography

Who is Sidhu Moose Wala’s girlfriend?

Though Sidhu Moose Wala’s girlfriend is not a topic that he discusses often, we know that his girlfriend is named Jyoti. We also know that she is in university. While Sidhu’s personal life remains largely unknown to the public, it is clear that he loves her dearly.

He often posts pictures of them together on Instagram, many with the caption I love you. Sidhu has had several other girlfriends before

Jyoti, but none seem to have affected him quite like this one. It’s unclear how long they have been dating, though we are certain that their relationship is strong as ever! In recent photos from late 2016, Sidhu can be seen kissing Jyoti and the two appear happy. However, just because things look good now doesn’t mean that it

always was so. In September 2015, Sidhu posted about his break-up with an unnamed girlfriend on the social media site Facebook. When asked if he would get back together with her (in response to people asking what happened), he replied I don’t know. There were no hints at who she might have been. On November 10th, 2016, Sidhu tweeted that he had never loved anyone as much as Jyoti, which

leaves us all wondering who this mystery woman could be. Did Sidhu already break up with Jyoti? Did he move on to someone else? The public will likely never know, but we’ll always speculate until more information comes out. One thing is for sure – Sidhu definitely seems happier now than he was six months ago!

Is Sidhu Moose Wala married?

Sidhu Moose Wala is not married. He does not have a girlfriend either. There are no reports about him being in any relationship as well. He has been single for the past few years and he does not seem to be interested in relationships.

This might be because he spends most of his time at work or traveling, but it still remains a mystery if he is gay or straight. His fans speculate that he might be

homosexual since there is an absence of female contact in his social media posts. However, these speculations cannot be verified since the rapper has not disclosed anything about his sexuality. It is only evident from the lyrics of some of his songs that some may consider coded gay messages.

Sidhu also has a huge fan following on Instagram and Facebook where he posts selfies with different women who could very well be his girlfriends. The latest picture posted by him shows Sidhu Moose Wala posing with two girls at one party which would suggest that he may not be completely heterosexual.

Many people assume that Sidhu’s popularity comes from getting laid all the time which makes them even more curious about his sexual orientation; however, this assumption is false as all his songs are just metaphors that discuss how people should focus more on their career than sex life, while others want them to create awareness against sexual violence which can happen to men too.

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