Dream Girl 2 Hindi Movie Download HD Filmyzilla 1080p, 720p, 480p

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Dream Girl 2 Hindi Movie Download HD Filmyzilla 1080p, 720p, 480p

Today we are going to talk about the Hindi film i.e. Dream Girl 2 released in theaters today starring Ayushmann Khurrana, Ananya Panday, Paresh Rawal, Annu Kapoor and Vijay Raaj. So this film is a sequel in name only. The story of the film has nothing to do with the first part, it is just that the character named Pooja in the story has now come out of the cellphone or call and is now in the form of a girl. She was fooling people the same way she was fooling them in the first part.

So this is a drama comedy film with a runtime of two hours and 13 minutes, where there is a drama within a comedy film. First of all, if we look at it, I am keeping aside everything like story, screen play, character development etc. I know your first question will be whether this movie makes you laugh? So if you want an answer from me, then my answer is that yes, the film makes you laugh. But if you ask whether this film makes you laugh for the entire two hours and 13 minutes, then the answer is no. The first half of the film is very weak.

Where if a few scenes are left out, you will not get to see the comedy you were expecting. The second half of the film is better. In the second half, things are entertaining and things are funny. Yes, at some places you may be reminded of very old films. You can remember the old films of Govinda. May remember Priyadarshan’s films.

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Dialogues at some places may feel a little outdated, a little cheesy. And if I talk about making you laugh, then yes, this film can be watched once. Rest, you cannot have too much expectation from this film because the theme of the first part was quite fresh in itself. All the things you get to see here are quite outdated. I know that nowadays people have problem with outdated things or else with that thing.

If that is not the problem then definitely. Maybe you may enjoy the film more than I did. He is yours. Which is my opinion. I am sharing it here from the video. The biggest problem of the first half is that here I keep the story aside. That’s not what I was expecting. But if I talk about the screen play level, the comedy seems to be very less.

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It looks very weak and to create the things that are happening in the second half, the writing that is seen in the first half, all the things that have been done here are very focused. Is visible. We do not see that convincing scene anywhere. Scene time here. The love story of Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Pandey that is seen here, you will not find that love, that trust, that caring thing anywhere else. Whatever is happening inside this film, the main reason for it is this love story.

Dream Girl 2 Hindi Movie Download HD Filmyzilla 1080p, 720p, 480p
Dream Girl 2 Hindi Movie Download HD Filmyzilla 1080p, 720p, 480p

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If both of them get married, they will get that money. That’s why Ayushmann Khurrana is doing all this work. Nowhere in the base line or in the entire film will you realize that all these things that have to happen for this love story have not been written properly anywhere. You will not see the character anywhere in the same scene that while watching these two characters, you will feel that this character is caring something about it.

This character is counting on this. Is there any fear of breaking trust? Anything like that is inside this love story. You don’t get to see inside this track. Therefore, will these people be caught later in the story? What will happen if the truth comes out, what will not happen, we don’t care about this at all. It doesn’t matter. Apart from this, a twist has also been inserted in the film.

Nowadays, I don’t understand what the makers meant by removing all the twists and turns from around the world and nowadays only one twist is being seen and everyone is presenting the same thing as a twist in every other film. Used to be. Although that is a twist, so I will not tell you much about it here. But I want to say that in today’s date this thing has been served so much in the form of a twist that you are the one who is special. Whenever I went to watch a movie, my first doubt was about Uday. Yes or no, tell me the doubts inside the film. Yes, he should not show anything like this in the end.

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And inside this too, I was having the same doubt and it proved to be true after going to the end. Now the problem becomes that after that twist is revealed, whatever the particular character was doing before the court with that particular character becomes completely senseless. Which means it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Meaning why was it happening, why was it happening, you will not find any answer to that in the film.

Still, the second half manages to entertain with laughs. The climax of the film is the weakest part of the film. Things go full lecture mode during the climax. Ayushmann Khurrana is just lecturing what is coming to his mind, make no sense of it. No one cares about Rai’s story. What is he saying, why is he saying? At the end there is a long lecture and the film. Whatever is there comes to an end.

Rest if it is a matter of performances then definitely. Ayushmann Khurrana, Annu Kapoor and Vijay Raj, the work of these three in the entire film is very good. Somewhere, through their performance, through their comic timing, through their way of speaking, through their style, they are what they are. There is a good amount of comedy generated at many places which works to a great extent in the second half and I would say that if you don’t have any problem with an outdated treatment, you want to laugh a little to pass the time. If you want, there is definitely a good second half where there are opportunities to laugh. The climax is bad, the first half is weak.

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