Mark Antony Tamil Movie Download HD Tamilrockers 1080p, 720p, 480p

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Mark Antony Tamil Movie Download HD Tamilrockers 1080p, 720p, 480p
Mark Antony Tamil Movie Download HD Tamilrockers 1080p, 720p, 480p

Mark Antony Tamil Movie Download HD Tamilrockers 1080p, 720p, 480p

Today we are going to talk about the marketing of Vishal and Ajay Surya starrer Tamil science fiction comedy drama film released in theaters today, that is, what this film is today. The Hindi version of Full Ka has been released in two languages, Tamil and Telugu, which is going to be released on 22nd October of this month. Such an announcement has been prepared further by the makers. I showed them the subtitles of the Tamil version and if I talk about the film, what I saw was within the first minutes of the film.

The director of the film, through the character of Jo Hai Talwar Aagaam, you are playing the role of a scientist who invents this entire machine on you, through which you can call and talk to Jo Hai in the past. Through this particular character, a lot has been made clear as to what this world, this world of mountains, is going to be like. The characters here or should we say the actors are going to be very loud.

The treatment that will be done here is also going to be very popular. The drama behind it is also going to be very high. Overall, you have to keep your mind aside and sit to watch this film. So after watching these first 10-12 minutes, I prepared myself that okay, if the director wants to show something, then I am ready to watch it.

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But my condition is this. My condition is that the film should be entertaining, engaging. Intelligent should be funny. But the biggest problem is that despite preparing myself for all these things, filming neither engages me anywhere nor proves to be very entertaining for me, nor does it prove to be very entertaining. Could be funny in more places. Look, this year I have seen many such films, watching which is a complete torture of two and a half hours. I have faced it inside the theater and it almost falls in the same category.

If S.J. If I keep Surya’s performance aside. But here I would like to say one thing about this film that even though I definitely did not like this film very much. In Italy or rather for me, this film has not worked anywhere. But one thing that I would like to accept is that while watching the film, which is a two-and-a-half-hour long film, one thing that was clearly visible was that the director wanted to do something of his own, something of his own. You want to give a signature, you want to create your own identity, you want to stabilize your style.

Where you can clearly see their efforts. No leader in film making would say that pick up whatever is lying today and make a film, pick it up from here and make a film and throw it here too. Director Saheb has not done any such work. Definitely this treatment is a very risky treatment in itself. It may work for some people but it may not work for others and the director knew this and he has not done anything internationally anywhere.

Mark Antony Tamil Movie Download HD Tamilrockers 1080p, 720p, 480p
Mark Antony Tamil Movie Download HD Tamilrockers 1080p, 720p, 480p

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The loud performances that you are getting to see, the amount of overacting that you are getting to see, the logical things that you are getting to see, all these things are there. Doctor Saheb has done very international things and looking at that thing it seems that yes he wanted to try something different. Because the concept of the film, the science fiction concept taken here, where you can talk through calls, is very interesting.

Along with that interesting concept and the rules and regulations that are explained in the beginning, I would also say that it was quite interesting along with the story which looks like a friend. Although it is a drama, the story inside it may feel like a light routine and all these things make the feeling of being blind irritating and very disturbing. But AJ Surya’s performance appears funny and entertaining at many places in his portions. I personally feel that if they

If there was another character in the film balancing the tattoo, who was not so loud but was a little subtle, a little sensitive, then the film might have worked a little better. But here the character of Vishal that we see in front of him is not seen missing anywhere. He is unable to impress anywhere. The voice modulation that Vishal has given for the character named Entry, the dialogue he has given by making the voice heavy, feels very irritating.

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The innocence he has tried to present for the character of the second mother also does not work anywhere and his overall character makes the entire film feel like a character comic parody. If there is one thing that works inside their very below average organizations, it is S.J. Suriya’s performance and the film’s interval nutrition. Interval Portion I would say that the way things have been executed and presented within the interval portion. If such a presentation had been a short film then definitely this film could have become a funny and entertaining film for me too.

But in the second half that comes after that interval, only those parts of AJ Surya work. Everything else falls flat and by the end of the film, such a situation is created that if the film had continued for some more time, my game would have definitely been over. If I talk about the music of the film,

Their background music was solid, but that background music was used so forcefully in the first half that in the second half where it was settled, there was no feeling at all. Yes, an old Tamil song has been used here which manages to give a bite in some scenes. Talking about some other things of the film, definitely if you follow South films,

If you follow Tamil films, then there is a lot inside the film where you will get to see some good reference scenes. The thing I liked the most here was that the peak of a celebrity within a time period, the way it was valued, the way it has been tried to be addressed in the film, it impressed me. Felt quite good.

Whether we talk about Ajit Kumar’s debut here, whether we talk about Shankar’s era which was starting, that thing of Shankar’s era was looking quite good. Another thing which was very funny was that here in the film, you get to hear Pushpa’s fire and flower dialogue and you will not believe that we get to hear that dialogue through Sunil. And has been seen in Pushpa Sun in the radio. So those are some things, little things, reference scenes from movies, some pop culture reference scenes.

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