Tiger Nageswara Rao Full Telugu Movie Download 720p, 480p Tamilrockers

Tiger Nageswara Rao Full Telugu Movie Download 720p, 480p Tamilrockers

Today we are going to talk about Mass March and Ravi Teja’s upcoming film i.e. Tiger Nageswara Rao which is going to be released in theaters on 20th of this month i.e. 20th October. Today’s duration of this film is around two and a half minutes. Indian promising trailer has been released.

If we talk about my opinion, then somewhere the wow moment I was expecting in a thriller seemed missing to me. Still, this trailer is promising because if we look at the trailer level, Ravi Teja’s character looks quite interesting and the way he has been presented from the teaser to the trailer till now is a presentation.

Somewhere, my excitement and expectations about this film are successful in maintaining it. If you look at the trailer level, it looks like Ravi Teja is finally going to be seen in a proper gray shade this time. There is not going to be any major justification for that character anywhere. Any very emotional angle probably won’t be included for this character. Such a feeling that has come from this trailer.

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The performance of Ravi Teja that is being seen in the film and his presentation, the dialogues given here, all the things are looking quite good and if his way of speaking or even his dialogue delivery. If you look, it is quite different from his regular films. The way he pulls off a bit of style, the way he quips and speaks through dialogues is something that you will not see anywhere in this entire trailer.

Here he has been treated like a normal character. If I talk about the trailer acting, then as I said, overall the trailer has not been edited in such a way that any wow moment can be created and if seen, I feel that the way the film has ended is also the same. There could have been more batter and there is a feeling that it ends very suddenly.

But the best thing about a thriller is that if you watch the trailer, you will feel that somewhere around fifty percent of the story is the idea that the trailer puts in front of us. But despite that, the film does not reveal anything about the upcoming fifty stories.

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What was the back story of the character that is going to be played by Ravi Teja at the same time? Why is he doing all these things, what is there on that thing, there are no revelations anywhere here. See, if you remember, when its teaser came, the makers had said that this film is based on some true voices. Meaning, this sounds a bit strange. Yes, they are presenting this thing like this.

That is, whatever thing they show, they are not going to say that they have hundred percent proof on this thing. Only things spoken and heard by people. Overall, here Doctor Saheb is presenting the story and characters of a film in which he has complete freedom.

Definitely to make changes in the story and character as per your choice. I have read as much as I have heard here. There is definitely a Robin Hood shade in the character. That shade of being the messiah of the poor has not been shown openly anywhere till now at the trailer level.

Tiger Nageswara Rao Hindi Dubbed Movie Download 720p Mp4moviez

Tiger Nageswara Rao Hindi Dubbed Movie Download 720p Mp4moviez

Now Doctor Saheb does not keep him in the film. It will be quite interesting to see what kind of treatment they give. The way I feel personally may be the treatment given to Rocky Bhai’s character or Yash’s character in KGF. Perhaps the same treatment can be given to the character of Tiger Nageswara Rao here as elsewhere because this character looks quite different from the regular character of Ravi Teja.

For a different character, he would have had to hire a different dubbing artist and even if he had gone with a dubbing artist, it was possible that the audience might not have liked it. So here is Ravi Teja’s own dub. It seems to be a right and perfect decision to do, because the dummy does not look bad anywhere.

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The way he has spoken things in Hindi and the little Bhojpuri type Hindi he has spoken, all those things have appeared quite good. If I talk about the writing level of dubbing, then I personally have a little complaint there.

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In all the dialogues and words of Awadhi that I have heard here, at many places I felt that whatever was written or the dialogue that was written needed to be translated only. Efforts have been made here due to which any dialogue, any line which has much impact is not delivered here in that manner. You see, there is a word where Marwari has been used.

It is possible that when used in Telugu, it would sound correct according to the local language there. If you use the same word as Marwar, then in Hindi, if you put it inside a loop and use it, then it does not look as good or it does not feel as smooth, it does not feel as connecting.

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He is not able to connect with the Hindi speaking audience in that way. But we have always been saying that the meaning of the dialogues should not be changed during the dubbing of the film. Dubbing companies have to keep one thing in mind that you do not even have to understand the meaning of the dialogue during dubbing. Have to change. Even its essence should not be changed.

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You have to write the dialogue in such a way that it becomes catchy for the Hindi audience. We are not saying that you should write dialogues in this manner. Even a serious dialogue started appearing funny. Not like that. It should be written in such a way that it can become a good dialogue for the Catalyst Hindi audience, which according to me has not been seen anywhere at this level.

It will be quite interesting to see what happens in the rest of the film. Overall, I am excited about this film for Ravi Teja for his character and according to me, the trailer could have been better at the editing level because the teaser that came out, I would say that it was edited in a better way. Hope it turns out to be a good film. Director sir, there should be a comeback of Ravi Teja, where will his hard work go?

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